At Curver, pets are part of the family and deserve the very best.
That’s why we launched Petlife, a range of accessories and storage options completely devoted to our furry friends.
Thanks to our Style rattan-look collections (cat toilets, litter trays, sleeping baskets and carriers) and our new Knit Collection with its attractive knit-look baskets, you and your pets can take advantage of design-forward trendy products that will become key elements of your interior décor.
A wide range of dry food containers for dogs and cats are also available, with smaller and larger bowls equipped with convenient handles and wheels. Practical and airtight, they will satisfy the needs of all our four-legged friends.
With dog beds, cat toilets, baskets, kibble containers and storage boxes, you now have everything you need to give your pets the five-star comfort they deserve.


Curver has designed functional beds and baskets for cats or small dogs. They are not only practical but also stylish and easy to clean. The perfect place for your pet to sleep, rest and, why not, play!

Litter box

A gem of a product for cat lovers and their pets. With a drawer system and scoop, cleaning the litter box is easier than ever. The closed design, the swinging door and the odor filter prevent odors from escaping from the litter box.


Designed for those who want to give their pets a first-class travel experience. The user-friendly travel basket offers absolute safety and comfort thanks to the locking system and handy hatch.


Curvers food containers are practical, handy, easy to use and perfect for hygienically storing dry dog ​​or cat food.