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Discover Ready to Collect our new Waste Separation Solution

At Curver, we know that waste is an integral component of our lives. It plays an undeniable role in our everyday, both in our home and on the wellbeing of nature and our environment. We created the Ready to Collect line to provide you with a complete range specifically dedicated to waste separation.



Thanks to the recycling, reusing, and reducing movement waste is both an end and a beginning.


With its 4 different sizes, Ready to Collect allows for continued recycling of all your waste.


It comes in a fresh and modern recycled colour palette which will fit in any kitchen, utility room or garage. Available in different sizes, the range is highly functional and modular. All sizes can be stacked on top of each other, and they can even be hung on a wall or cabinet thanks to the optional wall bracket.



This range is available in 4 sizes: 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L to collect empty packaging, bottles, cans. The 5L size is ideal as an organic kitchen-waste composter.


To lift, carry and empty the bin, a large back handle and for 20L and 30L sizes, a comfortable bottom grip facilitates the daily use.