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  • Wood beads
  • Acrylic paint in two colors
  • Small paint brush
  • Long toothpicks
  • Colored cord
  • Tray (I used the My Style Curver office basket)
  • Scissors
  • Small plants


Paint the wood beads with the acrylic paint. For a nicer result choose two colors. A second coat of paint is important to ensure a perfect and smooth distribution on the beads.

Tip: stick the bead on a toothpick, it will be much easier paint them without getting your hands too dirty.



Cut a piece of colored cord long about 120 cm.
Secure the cord inside the tray with a knot, thread the beads and secure the cord with another knot.

An easy tip for threading the beads is wrapping the cord with a piece of tape, it would be much quicker threading them!



Cut three pieces of colored cord of about 120 cm. Fold in half and tie them together into the same hole in a corner of the tray, creating a loop with each one.



Make a braid with the cords, working them two by two into a simple braid.

Continue to braid them together for about 30 cm, then secure the cords with a simple knot.



Repeat the process for all 4 corners of the tray, then gather the ends of the 4 braids in the center and tie them into a large simple knot.


It’s time to display your plants inside the tray. You can also use it as small shelf for your collections to decorate a wall!

Have fun creating different settings!