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Winter is coming and our little birds friends need some help to overcome freezing months. We can help them with some food, if you have a garden or a small balcony, you can create a DIY feeder for seeds, pieces of fruits and crumbs using old tea cups. Don’t forget a small recipient also for water too!




  • Old tea cups
  • Porcelain glue or mounting tape
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Old fork
  • Pliers



Put some porcelain glue on the side of the plate and press over gently the cup. If you’ll keep the cup on the side little birds will have more space where standing. Let it dry.
If you need secure the cup to the plate with some paper tape while it dries.



You can also use acrylic mounting tape instead of glue. It will be even much more quick and easy.



When the glue will be dried and the cup firmly glued to the plate, use the twine to hag it to a branch.

You can also create an original DIY hook using an old fork. Bend the fork with the pliers, it will be another nice upcycling idea!



Hang the feeders on a tree, just be careful to choose a quite place to let the bird eat undisturbed.




If you have not a tree you can realize this super easy DIY vase-feeder: you just need and old tea plate, e piece of bamboo wood, glue and a stone.

Glue the bamboo on the lower side of the plate and the stone to upper side, let them dry and you’ll be able to put it into a vase as a feeder.