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This is a great idea to create something original from a pile of old books.
You can use it creating a very nice Christmas decoration or as an original pen holder for everyday that will be a great addition to your desk!




  • Old books
  • Glass cup
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Meterstick or ruler
  • Drill
  • Cutter



First thing first: choose the order you like most and make a pile with your books.

Using the glass cup draw its circumference. You can keep it central or on a side, as you like.

With the ruler mark the center of the circumference and drill the first book.



Continue with other books: draw circumferences, use the ruler to be sure that they are all in the same spot, mark the center and drill the books.



It’s time to be patient: cut the books with the cutter, covers and pages, you have to be careful and accurate just with the first book, the only one where the hole will be visible. This DIY part is going to take you some time but it will be worth!




Try to put the glass cup into the hole, if it fits, glue your books. Keep attention to align holes.

Glue books cover to cover. Add weight and let them dry.




Your old books-pencil holder is ready! If you want using it to create a very nice Christmas decoration, you’ll need:


  • A piece of floral foam
  • Green branches
  • Christmas lights
  • Christmas decorations
  • Baking soda
  • Shaving foam



Cut the floral foam in the glass cup shape, pour it with water and put it in the glass.

Add the branches trying to create a tree shape.

Use small twigs on the exterior, they will hide the base and give a better result.



It’s time to décor your miniature Christmas tree adding some lights and decorations. Do you want extra magic? Add some snow! Not real snow of course, but neither fake snow, make it at home with something you’ll easily already have: baking soda and shaving foam!

Mix shaving foam and baking soda until you’ll have a snow effect and spread it on the branches.




Merry Christmas!

And when Christmas will be over you’ll always have your amazing old book-pencil holder!