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Add a colorful touch to your basket laundry making pom-poms!

You can buy pom-pom makers or you can just create it using a small piece of cardboard.





  • Pierced basket (I used Curver My Style basket)
  • Colorful wool yarns
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors



Decide how big or small you want to do your pom-poms. You will use the cardboard to make a template for your pom-poms.

Trace two identical circles on the carboard. I realized 5 cm diameter pom-poms using a roll of tape to trace the circles, very easy, but you can use any circular items (small glass, cups, etc.).
This circle will determine the diameter of your pom-pom.

Draw a inner and smaller circle inside every circle. To draw the small one I used a glue cap.

Cut out a small gap in both circles.



Cut out circles and pair them together. You don’t need to glue them.



Hold the circles together tightly while you start to wrap the yard around the cardboard ring. Hold the end of the yarn and wrap over it, it will secure it. Continue to wrap the yarn around the entire ring. More you go more your pom-pom will be “puffy”.

Cut the yarn.



Cut around the edge of the cardboard ring. Keep the yarn very tightly while you do it.

Be sure to cut every strand of yarn, you can do it easily using a small and sharp scissors.

Cut a piece of yarn (about 20 cm) and tie it around the middle of the pom-pom, between the two cardboard rings, tie with a double knot. Leave the ends of the yarn long.




Trim the yarn of the pom-pom to shape it regularly all around. Your pom-pom is ready!

Go ahead and repeat creating more pom-poms. This part will require some time but it can also be very relaxing!
Choose the color of the yarn for your project. You can go with one color or more. I went for a happy rainbow effect, so I chose some pop colors.

You can also create different sizes of pom-poms, you’ll just need different sizes cardboard rings. Remember that the diameter of the ring determines the diameter of the pom-pom.



Use the long yarn to attach your pom-pom to the basket. Tie every pom-pom with a double knot inside the basket. For a very abundant effect tie them very close together.