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This easy DIY project will bring Spring vibes to your table!




  • Curver Knit round basket
  • Floral foam
  • Plants
  • Cutter


Paper butterflies:

  • Decorative paper in two different colors or patterns
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Butterfly paper punch
  • Thin metal wire
  • Hot glue


Start your Spring DIY project by positioning the plants inside the basket. Measure the container you’re using for the arrangement and cut the floral foam to fit inside the container. The floral foam will help to keep the plants in position at the right height.

For best results choose plants with small flowers and leaves.


Extra tip: you can also use fresh cut flowers for your centerpiece, in this case place them directly into the floral foam after you’ve soaked it.


Now it’s time to make some paper butterflies.

Use the butterfly paper punch to cut out the shape from the decorative paper. You’ll need two pieces of paper in different colors or patterns for each butterfly.

If you don’t have a paper punch don’t worry, you can simply draw the butterflies and cut them out using scissors.


Every butterfly will be created using two paper butterflies. Put together the two paper butterflies using needle and thread. Use the needle to make holes in the paper before threading them through the middle.

If you don’t want to thread them, you can use hot glue, be sure to put the glue just in the middle, this will allow the wings to stay separate showing the different patterns and will add a nice 3D effect.

Cut the thin metal wire into pieces 15-20 cm long.

With the hot glue stick them on the back of your butterfly and place them into the centerpiece.

Bend a bit of the metal wire in different directions, it will add realistic movement to your butterflies.


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